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About Us-Best Quality Replica designer Bag factory in China

We ellebag has been in Guangzhou bag industry for over 12 years, we started Louis Vuittion bag replica, then extended our reach to Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Gucci, and other brands.

Every bag we replica, we buy 2 authentic bags, one dismentel for processing replica, one for final measurment confirm.

If you want quality, you are in right place, ellebag are quality watch dogs, we have most skilled bag making workers in Guangzhou, we have long relationship with LV monogram supplier, hardware suppliers, and the famous Haas leather factory of France, for caviar leather of Chanel bag.

Again, quality matters here, many of our customers own authentics, carry ellebags, no one can spot fake by eye. As our material is same, our skilled workers are same with LV workers, Chanel workshops.

Gold to have you here, if quality matters fo you, ellebag is willing to offer our 12 years designer bag replica experience.

Ellebag, a replica designer bag factory located in Guangzhou, China, prides itself on over 12 years of manufacturing top-quality replica bags. Ellebag creates 1:1 quality replicas, ensuring every detail precisely matches the original Louis Vuitton products, earning the trust of customers worldwide. Recently, Ellebag has completed a new batch of Louis Vuitton replica bags, with photos and videos ready to be uploaded to their official website. Each Louis Vuitton bag style requires a detailed introduction focusing on the replica production process.

Ellebag’s overall replica technology:
Ellebag’s commitment to 1:1 replication means no development without an original product. They have purchased nearly every designer bag, spending over a million dollars in designer stores in Guangzhou and Shanghai over the past 12 years. Ellebag meticulously deconstructs original bags to study them, utilizing a well-established supply chain in the bag sector to find suppliers of designer bag components and materials for long-term collaboration.

A brief overview of Ellebag’s manufacturing workshop:
Ellebag’s manufacturing workshop, similar to typical bag production facilities, includes professional sewing equipment imported from Japan and various bag-making tools. Hermes bags, requiring the most tools, are entirely handcrafted.

Why are Ellebag’s replica bags top-tier?
Most of Ellebag’s customers are from developed Western countries, many of whom own original bags and have extremely high-quality demands. Ellebag never compromises on quality. They have a strong QC team overseeing materials from their arrival at the factory, through the semi-finished and finished product stages, to the final pre-shipment inspection. Only the most perfect bags are shipped overseas.

Why does Ellebag insist on using the highest grade materials and the most costly labor?
Since their customers demand high quality, controlling the quality of materials and hiring skilled workers is crucial. Material and labor costs form the largest part of the cost structure of replica bags.

Why do quality-conscious customers consistently choose Ellebag?
Ellebag’s replica bags are not only top-tier but also consistent in quality. For overseas customers, they select the best quality bags from each batch. Ellebag’s extreme focus on quality has helped them retain most of their long-term customers.

Why are Ellebag’s bags meticulously scrutinized under a magnifying glass?
In fact, it’s necessary to use a magnifying glass to observe the significant differences between Ellebag’s bags and ordinary replicas. Ellebag pays attention to every detail, including the polishing of each metal piece, especially in hard-to-reach areas of the Logo. They focus on every stitching and reinforcing stitch, ensuring the strength matches that of the original bags.

Background of Ellebag Factory:
Founded 12 years ago, Ellebag was established in response to many European and American customers frustrated with the continuous price increases of designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Dior, and Gucci. The prices of these designer bags, especially those made of Monogram coated canvas or genuine leather, often exceed $2,000 and $6,000, respectively. Iconic bags like Chanel’s classic flap bag now cost over $11,000, and some Hermes leather bags even exceed $30,000. Bags like the Constance, Birkin, and Kelly from Hermes are often unavailable in stores, even after a six-month wait. Located in the center of the Guangzhou bag manufacturing industry, Ellebag decided to use the same fabrics and materials, as well as highly skilled bag makers, to provide top-tier replica designer bags at a reasonable price. Because Ellebag is located at the center of global bag manufacturing, they have quick access to top-grade leather, skilled workers, and high-quality accessories, allowing them to perfectly replicate designer bags at around $400.

Ellebag’s commitment to 1:1 replicas means they usually purchase two of each bag model: one for deconstruction to study the bag-making process and another for comparison. Ellebag’s final replicas are compared to the originals to ensure the dimensions, pattern distance, and positioning from the edges are exactly the same.

Replication process for zippers:
Zippers consist of the slider and the zipper tape. Designer bag zipper suppliers are typically Swiss Riri and Japanese YKK. Ellebag has established long-term cooperation with Riri and YKK, ensuring that Ellebag’s zippers and zipper feel are identical to the originals.

Replication process for different bag sizes:
– Mini bags (up to 17cm)
– Mini bags (17-20cm)
– Medium bags (20.5-27cm)
– Large bags (over 27.5cm)

Replication process for small bags: Despite their small size, replicating small bags doesn’t significantly reduce the price, especially for those made with a large amount of genuine leather. Smaller bags are more challenging to replicate due to the limited working space, which also makes the process slower and more time-consuming.

Medium Bags: Medium bags are Ellebag’s best-selling products, and they have been the factory’s ace product over the years. Although small bags have also seen increasing sales recently, Ellebag started with medium-sized bags 12 years ago, replicating famous models like the Metis, Dauphine, Neverfull, NeoNoe, and more.

Large Bags: Typical large bags like Louis Vuitton’s Keepall and Carryall series require more time for replication, especially in sewing and attending to details. Despite lower sales volumes for large bags, Ellebag maintains strict quality control over these products.

Backpack Replication Process: Backpacks are highly practical, and Ellebag pays special attention to size and auxiliary materials used, especially the sewing threads which match the original in strength and quality. The handles of the backpacks, made of genuine leather, are crafted with extra care.

Replication Process for Different Materials:

Black Monogram (Black Flower): Refers to the black Monogram material used by Louis Vuitton, second only to the brown Monogram in usage, often seen in men’s bag styles. The placement and direction of the flowers are crucial in the replication process.

Full Leather Replication: Without a long-term supply chain foundation, it’s challenging to establish long-term collaborations with high-end European leather suppliers. Ellebag secures top-quality leather, ensuring the embossing on LV leather bags is neither too deep nor too light, with a clear concave-convex feel matching the original.

Classic Monogram (Old Flower): Refers to the classic brown Monogram material of Louis Vuitton.

Yellow Monogram (Yellow Flower): Refers to the classic yellow Monogram material of Louis Vuitton.

Embossed Leather Replication: The replication of embossed leather is complex, depending on the leather type.

Monogram Fabric Replication: Ellebag’s Monogram materials are sourced from Korea, from a factory that works for Louis Vuitton, and another Korean company that has mastered the technique of processing special Monogram coated canvas, ensuring it’s identical to LV’s own technology. The brown and black Monogram materials Ellebag receives not only match in color but also in softness and durability. Sometimes, they even get surplus Monogram materials directly from LV’s subcontractor.

Full Leather Bag Replication: Ellebag has located top-tier cowhide suppliers in Europe, ensuring the quality matches or even surpasses the original bags, despite the higher price.

Detail Replication Process: The 1:1 replication at Ellebag focuses on every detail. Most of the craftsmen’s time is spent replicating the details of designer bags, including hardware, stitching, silk printing, Logo, embossing and debossing, reinforcing stitching, angles, edges, and color details. The shape and size of the bags are meticulously replicated to match the original exactly, including special shapes like Duffle Bag and Cannes bag.

Silk Printing Replication: Special attention is required for replicating LV silk printing, like ensuring the ‘O’ in Louis Vuitton is perfectly round. The size of the ‘R’ is also critical, and the depth of the print must be just right to avoid double imaging or fading, which looks cheap. Ellebag’s years of experience in the bag-making field allow them to perfectly replicate high-quality silk printing, matching the original’s quality. Gold silk printing inside LV bags requires extra care to avoid scratches, and leather cutting needs to be precise without frayed edges.

Logo Embossing: Logo embossing mainly appears on internal labels and hardware. The quality of hardware embossing is crucial, involving the quality of the hardware itself and the careful polishing of the embossing groove. The embossing depth on a small piece of genuine leather, typically found inside most LV bags, must match the original. Ellebag currently has over 300 molds for different bag styles, perfectly replicating Louis Vuitton, Paris, and ‘made in France’ embossing, using LV’s unique font.

Fabric and Auxiliary Materials Source: The primary materials for LV bags are Monogram canvas, mainly in brown and black. Ellebag’s Monogram materials come from Korea, from a factory working for Louis Vuitton, and another Korean company that processes special Monogram coated canvas, ensuring it’s identical to LV’s technology. Ellebag’s brown and black Monogram materials match in color, softness, and durability. Sometimes, they even obtain surplus Monogram materials directly from LV’s subcontractor.

Source of Craftsmen: Ellebag’s craftsmen come from factories that produce for designer brands like Prada and Fendi in Guangzhou. The bag subcontracting industry has nurtured a large number of experienced craftsmen, making these resources easily accessible to Ellebag.

Red Bag Replication Process: Ellebag takes special care in replicating colored bags, ensuring the fabric dyeing matches the international color card. Once the color formula is determined, it’s recorded to ensure no color difference from the original.

Black Bag Replication Process:

Black designer bags, especially in Black Monogram material from Korea, are Ellebag’s most frequently replicated products. The black genuine leather comes from top-tier European leather suppliers. In essence, Ellebag functions as an assembly factory, choosing the highest quality materials to perfectly replicate designer brand bags.

Brown Bag Replication Process: Common colors like brown, black, white, and gray are Ellebag’s expertise. They compare colors repeatedly with international color cards. The leather comes from European suppliers, and Ellebag’s QC team rigorously inspects it. Their purchasing costs are higher than LV’s due to smaller purchase volumes.

Blue Bag Replication Process: Replicating blue bags, like red bags, involves challenges in color matching and printing. For full leather bags, Ellebag cooperates with European leather factories, sending samples for dyeing before sending them to Ellebag’s factory. They also work with local printing and dyeing factories, ensuring perfection in every detail to replicate the same color.

Green Bag Replication Process: The challenge in replicating green bags lies in color difference, including the dyeing of green sewing threads. Color differences are usually tolerable in the production of colored bags, but 1:1 replica bags cannot afford any discrepancy.

Grey Bag Replication Process: Replicating grey bags is easier than colored bags, with less risk of color difference. Black, white, and grey bags are among the most popular at Ellebag, known for their stable quality, and are recommended choices for customers.

Image and Video Content Description:
Each Louis Vuitton bag at Ellebag has a unique model number, typically starting with M or N, followed by a five-digit number. Each bag’s model number is unique, even for different sizes of the same style.

Each product is accompanied by detailed images and videos. The description includes a note: “Each bag comes with detailed pictures and videos for display. Only the highest grade replica bags have such detailed image descriptions and specialized video introductions.”

Metal Hardware: Descriptions of each bag include details about the replication process of designer bag hardware. Replicating hardware is challenging due to the high-grade steel required. High-grade steel necessitates high-quality molds, increasing costs and requiring more time-consuming polishing. However, the benefits are clear: enhanced durability and scratch resistance. The high-grade steel, finely polished in the early stages, sets a solid foundation for the subsequent gold plating process, achieving a uniform coating that matches the thickness of the original, presenting a natural mirror-like finish.

Edge Coating Process: The edge coating process is a complex aspect of replication. Simply viewing LV’s official website images isn’t sufficient for a 1:1 replica. It’s necessary to purchase the original bags and examine them under strong light. Each style requires a specific edge coating color, which is repeatedly confirmed using an international standard color card before finalizing the color formula. Louis Vuitton bags feature various edge coating styles, with some like the Nano Speedy having a very full edge coating, while most others have a lighter coating that does not overflow.

Thread Material: There are various types of thread materials, including cotton, waxed, polyester fiber, and nylon threads. Identifying the thread material isn’t straightforward. During the deconstruction process of original LV bags, Ellebag studies the thread material used. Besides the basic material, the color of the thread is also crucial, as there can’t be any color difference. Even for something as simple as black thread, Ellebag researches its blackness level to ensure this detail aligns perfectly with the original.

Sewing Process: The sewing process involves both hand sewing and machine sewing. Most Louis Vuitton bags are machine-sewn, not hand-sewn, which is consistent with LV’s factories in France and Spain. At Ellebag, the bags requiring the most hand sewing are from brands like Hermes and Chanel, particularly Hermes. In replicating LV bags, the choice of thread material is significant. Low-quality replicas use fine threads that cannot provide enough strength. Ellebag matches the thread material and thickness to that of the original bags. For areas needing reinforced stitching, LV typically uses a repeated method to strengthen stress points or stitching endpoints. Ellebag has already mastered these techniques. During sewing, Ellebag pays close attention to the distance between stitching and edges, ensuring the stitching is centered, a craftsmanship detail essential in original bags.

Chain Hardware: The replication of chains is fundamentally a hardware issue. The technical detail in chains lies in their closure. Although Ellebag doesn’t manufacture hardware, they have found top-tier hardware suppliers in Europe and Japan, comparable to YKK and RIRI. Ellebag also has domestic hardware suppliers in China. The procurement costs for hardware are high, and the requirements are stringent, necessitating the use of high-grade, high-hardness steel with a high degree of roughness in polishing. The hardware must be defect-free and pore-free. For sensitive reasons, the Logo embossing on the hardware is completed internally at Ellebag.

QC Process: Ellebag’s QC team is highly respected in the replica bag industry. They are involved in every stage, from the arrival of raw materials at the factory, through the semi-finished and finished product stages, to the final pre-shipment inspection. The QC process consists of three stages. The first stage is the inspection of incoming raw materials, confirming their quality, color, and quantity. The second stage involves the inspection of semi-finished products, which go through multiple QC checks before proceeding to the next process. The third stage is an additional check before overseas shipment, selecting the best quality bags from the batch to be sent abroad. Any products that don’t meet the standards are returned to the workshop by the QC team for revisions.

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